Reading is Learning!

We are amazed to hear about statistics that there is a high number of people who do not read after graduation — High School, Undergraduate, and/or after completing Graduate studies.

I started tracking my reading beginning 2001. Since that time I have read in excess of 250 books. Many self-help books, Sales and Training Books, Business books and several fictional books per year.

When starting the program I tried to read and track by “Number of Books per year”. I found that if I got behind in reading catching up was a daunting and during some years an impossible task. A few years ago I switched strategy to read “Pages per day” as the goal.

This year the goal is to read 15 pages per day. Currently I am ahead of goal, actually at 21 pages per day. I believe I will make goal this year.

Do you have daily plans and methods to follow your “Goals”.

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Remember — the Gurus say – “Readers are Leaders”.