Quality after AS9100c !!!!!

For many of us in Aerospace businesses we work with the quality system AS9100c. This year a new more advanced and comprehensive version comes out.

We had our first meeting this week for change needed and requirements for the upcoming revision. I believe the Quality System AS9100 makes us a better more efficient company. I like it!

In 1997 I was first exposed to the Boeing quality system D1-9000a. Our company became certified late 1997. When exposed to better and best quality practices our company has stayed focused and embraced the system and practices. Our current company Polytronix Machining & Fabrication is certified and working with AS9100c.

Since I learned about “lean principles”, some years back, and the savings possible within our organization, I have aligned everything to coincide with “Lean” and the highest quality standards available.

I am sure there will be challenges to the new quality system. We are going forward and will be ready for audit later this year. Good luck on your journey!

Make 2017 the best year yet!