Do You Use A Sales Process That Ensure Goal Fulfillment? Would You Like An Easy To Use Process?

If you do not have a sales process, how do you measure your daily progress toward your goals?

I have used a process a cookbook for many, many years.  I first started in business to business selling in the early 1980’s.  I was confounded by the lack of information available on selling that would ensure follow through and success.

I learned early on that if I did not track daily behavior I was not going to have daily direction and not really know what to do next, to achieve my goals.  I set up a handwritten notebook system of all potential and actual customers.  I tracked who I called daily and set up a follow-up date depending on the wishes of the customer.  Some people wanted weekly contact, some wanted monthly and some wanted longer periods.  There were even some who were not interested nor in need of my products — They told me to never contact them again.

For my career and the careers of sales people who have worked with and for me I developed a daily behavior system and attached a simple point system for tracking success. 

All salespeople can modify the system for their own sales style.  However, many good salespeople have adopted this system and figured out exactly how to do daily behaviors and make exactly the income they desire.  

The system for selling products usually with order size of $1,000 – $75,000 consisted of seeing face-to-face (Belly selling) 200 prospects per year.  Making 2,400 meaningful telephone contacts and making 1,200 other contacts – Email, Txt, Fax, Brochure, Etc.  If Sales people did these behaviors daily and accumulated 6,000 points per year they were virtually assured of selling $3,000,000 worth of product for the company and ensuring an exact income base + Commission.

Of course, this is overly simplified but, the salespeople wanting to earn more could calculate their points needed per day, per month and ensure a better income for the year.  

What is your system?  I am writing this system to an eBook and planning a forum or group to meet weekly for accountability and discussion. 

Are you interested?  Let me know if you want on the wait list.