Why is this here? – WITH!

If working on continuous improvement in your work life and/or home life, review the following concept, and try to apply it daily.

I don’t have the name of the originator of this acronym. However. I use it at work and at home.

Why Is This Here? – WITH.

Part of the process of applying Lean Manufacturing uses the 5s+1 methodology for reviewing the workplace (1. Sort 2. Straighten 3. Sweep/Shine 4. Standardize 5. Sustain and +1 = Safety). This is not as easy as it sounds. Touring a manufacturing facility, office environment or even your own home often shows items not in place, and in many cases not even where they should be. 

To get a feel for the process, start with your current area and surroundings. In my home office I see piles of “Gonna-Do” projects forming. Seems like they start and stall. Look at just one item/project for a few minutes. Review what is in the pile, folder or box and throw away the truly non-essential items. Decide if it is really a goal contributing project, a nice to have project, or maybe a wishful non-critical project. Why Is This Here? – WITH. You will be amazed just sitting at your own desk, home or office and look at what is out and waiting or not needed. 

I realize this thinking is not for everyone, but you will find out of place clutter in the oddest places.

Walking around with this attitude and thought process helps keep momentum going, especially if you are trying to 5s + 1 a manufacturing facility, or your own home.  Start, doing and sustaining the 5s + 1 attitude: 

1. Sort 2. Straighten 3. Sweep/Shine 4. Standardize 5. Sustain and +1 = Safety. 

Remember to ask:  Why Is This Here? – WITH.

Good Luck on your Lean Journey — Once started you will find applications everywhere.