Good Selling or Bad Selling?

This week I had a scripted telephone sales call come through.  It was a service I am interested in and I listened.

The caller was a lady obviously not used to making telephone sales calls.  She was very nervous and would not deviate from her script.  This could have been mandated, but there was no friendliness or emotion — only monotone, nervous reading.  The script was written to have the caller periodically ask if there were any questions on the material just covered.  I could only imagine her relief when I answered “No questions at this time”.

After about 1-1/2 minutes she concluded with a final — Do you have any questions?  I had none.  However, had I not been taking notes as she quickly delivered the presentation I would not have had any data as to what she was telling and selling.  I may continue and purchase this service.  However, I will go on-line and do my research.

I listened to this particular presentation because I am interested in the service, and I am very interested in how people are taught and trained in selling.  This instance was not a good showing for the company trying to get me to buy.

I'll bet she was relived that I had no questions  and I also believe she will not be in the selling game long, or worse she will get fired.Many companies don't train or send sales people to sales training.  Most get the same training I had —  Here are your business cards, here are the brochures, there is the door — Go forth and sell!

When I was thrust into sales many years ago, I was so nervous I had to have my opening script with my name included so I would remember who I am.  I learned very quickly that a perfectly written presentation given in a monotone rote delivery was ineffective.

— But —

We all say “That is an absurd obvious statement!”.  We all know that you can't sell that way.  Listen next time a telephone sales person calls — The calls are the same and generally you can pick out the sales “Pitch” and decide to get off the call.

Is this how you sell?  Many good potential sales and/or referrals are lost, just because the basics are not provided and utilized for sales success.

Good Selling or Bad selling! — You decide.


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