1 sales year has 230, 8-hour days!

In selling, this is the time of the year to think about and work on plans for next year.  My sales cycle is pretty much 70 – 90 days we have only a few days left in the year.  I have already been selling into 1st quarter 2021!

Make time to review this year and look at next year.  Look at the sales metrics you completed and look at what you want next year to look like.  Many of us by putting in more work, can increase salary and make q much better paycheck.

Here is some food for thought on selling:

We all know there are 365 days in the year except leap year with one added day.

Look at these numbers as a starter for a basic sales year:

365 days available

Less 104 weekend days

Less 10 holidays

Less 10 vacation days

Less 11 Misc./Sick/Personal/etc. days

Leaves 230 days available to sell!

Think about these numbers in two ways.  First this is the minimum amount of time you have available to make sales.  Second, if really committed to a great sales year 2021, how can you manage and expand your sales time.

Get some time between now and the new year 2021 to set a plan and go! – “Really knock it out of the park!”

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