Here are 6 reminders for setting, reviewing, and achieving Goals.

  1. Be positive, express goals positively.
  2. Set specific goals, set times, dates and deadlines.  This provides for measurement and knowing that progress is being made.
  3. Prioritize goals.  When working on several goals set a priority order.  Work on the most important and accomplish them, then work on the others.
  4. Write goals down.  Keep your goals in front of you as much as possible.  This may be one of the most important points to achieving goals.
  5. Figure out small achievable parts of goals to work on.  Working on and achieving smaller pieces of a goal gives a sense of accomplishment and forward movement to the overall goal.
  6.  Set goals that are realistic and can be accomplished.  Above all set your own goals and set time frames that you are able to accomplish.

In this new COVID world, we need to try and focus on keeping up with goals and personal progress. To err is human; to edit, divine.

I hope this and the next years are really your best yet!