Sales – Is your entire week planned for contacts and gaining new business?

I write and talk about weekly, monthly and yearly goals and performance for salespeople.

In my career I have had opportunity to build a point system that if followed, allows a salesperson in the Aerospace industry to create a sales year of $3,000,000. After mastering this point system a salesperson can then go on to predict and sell to a higher level and build a larger income.

This point system works for one week as follows (Assuming 230 working days 46 working weeks):

1.    Face-to-face meeting contacts completed – 5 x 6 points = 30 points

2.    Telephone contacts (Meaningful actual contacts) – 50 x 2 points = 100 points

3.    Other contact, Email, letter/brochure, other social media – 30 x 1 point = 30 points 

Total for the week = 160 points; If executed weekly Minimum 7,500 points for the year. I’ve proven over and over, success with continuous execution of daily, weekly and yearly points – No Excuses!

There have been many salespeople that thought they could perform to this system and failed miserably. Others that once understanding the system combined with really good sales training went on to sell well above $3,000,000.

Think about this and see if it makes sense for you.

I will be expanding this over the next few weeks.