Reading is Learning!

We are amazed to hear about statistics that there is a high number of people who do not read after graduation — High School, Undergraduate, and/or after completing Graduate studies.

I started tracking my reading beginning 2001. Since that time I have read in excess of 250 books. Many self-help books, Sales and Training Books, Business books and several fictional books per year.

When starting the program I tried to read and track by “Number of Books per year”. I found that if I got behind in reading catching up was a daunting and during some years an impossible task. A few years ago I switched strategy to read “Pages per day” as the goal.

This year the goal is to read 15 pages per day. Currently I am ahead of goal, actually at 21 pages per day. I believe I will make goal this year.

Do you have daily plans and methods to follow your “Goals”.

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Remember — the Gurus say – “Readers are Leaders”.

Goal Sustainability for the year!

Do you have your goals on track and still sustaining them for the year? Are you ahead or behind on your Goals? Do you have a system for tracking your progress?

We work with and see many individuals and companies on the process of Goal setting and sustaining for the entire year. Would you like help keeping your goals on track?

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Goals 2nd quarter 2015!

We have worked with and talked with many companies and individuals during the past several years, about GOAL setting for business and personal.

Our current intent is to talk with and coach businesses and individuals to maximize GOAL setting benefits and accomplish more throughout the year.

Using sales people as and example, we notice much GOAL setting and high expectations at the beginning of the year and many GOALS become not existent or ignored by end of first quarter.

Here we are almost half way through 2nd quarter — How are you doing on your GOALS and accomplishments.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas.

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