Are you really results oriented?

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Salespeople must be results oriented.

I read an article and do not remember the author’s name, but he said had a written statement on his desk “Results are the only excuse for activity.”

This statement would seem to be crystal clear, but few people are committed to a results-oriented lifestyle and I have seen salespeople over and over again who are not results-oriented. 

Many people are satisfied with their activity and best effort, they do not work toward real results.

To stay results-oriented ask yourself this question, “What am I really trying to accomplish?”

Far too many people talk about how hard they work, how many hours they spend working, how many miles they travel, and how hard the job is, and they expect appreciation and reward for this activity, regardless of the outcome.

These same people rarely talk about what the objectives of their efforts need to be. They never really talk about what results are expected.

I have witnessed salespeople do everything they can do except selling.

For sure, there is a lot of activity.

They work on lists of potential customers, go throughout the organization reviewing current customer orders, do paperwork such as daily planners, expense reports, etc., etc.

In the sales world, this is known as non-selling, non-pay time activities.

Salespeople need to understand that the only benefit of activity is to find a way for the desired result of sales and selling and getting more orders.

Activities that are important for creating sales must be completed every day.

Every day a salesperson needs to ask the question,

“What am I really trying to do today?”

The job of a salesperson is easy to describe. The number one priority of every salesperson is bringing in sales.

Strive every day to figure out how nonessential activity is being substituted for results.

Learn how to identify behaviors that need to be completed every day to produce sales.

Stop wasting time on nonessential activities.

Truly successful salespeople figure their numbers out and create daily habits to be sure that the habits are performed.

I am creating a white paper that describes the daily required habits of salespeople to perform their job.

Many companies do not have training on what a salesperson should do daily to be successful.

Thank you for reading this article. If you would like more information on what a salesperson should do daily — Let me know.

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