Habit Change!

Ready for habit change? 

Maybe thinking about revisiting resolutions and desired change for 2020?

I have read about people making changes in life that were great. I have applied the following to myself and achieved good results. 

However, changing a habit is not an easy task. Changing habits requires a lot of attention and requires replacement of the old habit. Just changing a habit does not always work, it needs to be replaced

Make changes that help you move forward in your life’s work, goals, and ambitions.

Here are 4 items needed to make habit changes:

1.     You must first decide a change is needed. Sounds like a basic no-brainer, but you need first decide it is needed. Admit change is required and stop denying a problem exists. Take responsibility for making the change. Ask yourself – Is this activity moving me forward toward my goals and desires in life?

2.     You cannot break old or bad habits. You can only replace them. The process is not necessarily fast. It may require a year or more. Commit to the long haul and you will eventually be glad you did.

3.     Get up and get going on the new habit every day. Daily routine will eventually become second nature. Make a list of the benefits your new habit will bring. Review the list often to stay motivated.

4.     Having changed the habit — stay away from the old habit. If you do slide back into the old habit, do not allow yourself off easily.  Say “I’ll start over now and I’ll be strong enough to get it right”. Keep moving forward toward your goal.

Do not let the past control the future. Keep reminding yourself that learning and repeating new behaviors can change your habits for life.

Make changes for your personal growth!

Let me know your thoughts.