Do you finish what you start? Or – like me have many projects ready to go!

I have many things and projects in my office of “Started but unfinished ideas/projects/business”.  Do you?

Over many years these things have been piling up around me.

Some projects were doomed from the start.  Other projects are staring at me ready for action.

What things have you started and never finished?

What ideas or dreams are waiting for you in a file or a stack of papers as “Started but unfinished”?

It’s time to start now and head them toward completion. 

For me I have had two projects on my mind:

  1. Finishing writing the details of a one a 1 year sales accountability plan.
  2. Restart my learning and playing guitar. 

Pick at least one project or idea and begin!

Put this on your goal list and monitor and record daily work toward seeing a finish line and completion. 

Even if you only work a few minutes per day, you will be surprised how quickly the idea or project will take shape.

Then it can be ongoing or complete.

William Shakespeare – “All glory comes from daring to begin.”  Good Luck!