3 things completed before 12/31/2021, that can guaranty a great 2022!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

More than 95% of people going into a new year do not have written measurable goals. 

Most of us have heard this bit of goal setting “Wisdom” and still don’t have written goals.

So, now is the time to begin looking toward the New Year 2022. 

  1. Set an appointment with yourself for 30 – 60 minutes this month.  Get blank paper or a blank computer screen and begin writing your thoughts and ideas for accomplishment next year.  This first attempt at goal setting doesn’t have to be neat — just take time to think about and write your ideas and thoughts down.  Most beginning sessions are quite messy and unorganized.  Put this information away in a place you won’t forget where it is, so that you can retrieve it early November.   
  2. Set a 2nd appointment with yourself for 30 – 60 minutes early November and get your list out.  You will be amazed at the progress you will have already made toward thinking about and planning your goals for next year.  Begin subtracting, adding and modifying your original list. 
  3. Set a 3rd appointment with yourself near the end of December.  Many people like doing this during the holiday season when they are not working and can take time to really think about goals. Make your list as neat and useable as you like, put it in a place to retrieve it often.  Do not be afraid to change or add goals, this is a work in progress, it may never be complete. 

Why do this? 

Because if you use this method every year and set a tracking system and measure progress, you will see goals completed. 

Try for yourself and get into the 5% group of people who write and strive to achieve their goals. 

Make 2022 your best year yet!