2017 – Will sales goals be met?

Is your sales team on track?
Are your sales people working or resting on their laurels? Are they selling more products to current customers rather than going out to do the harder work of landing new customers?
Your sales force may not need an overhaul, but if the idea of having a well-developed sales pipeline seems like a pipe dream, it’s time to fix the process.
All too often companies think that the key is to just hire more sales people.
Focus on how customers prefer to buy. Knowing customer preference can ultimately help you see how many salespeople you need and how best to use them.
I developed a point system with minimum monthly requirements of face-to-face visits, meaningful telephone conversations and other customer contacts (ie – Email, Mail, Corporate social media contact, Etc.)
The point system eventually allowed us to understand that within our industry, we could develop a sales person to be at a $3 million yearly sales run rate within 18 – 24 months.
We could then predict sales and company growth.
Do you have a tracking system to determine if sales are on track?
Do you have a process and training to keep your sales group on Track?