2019 Goals, Planning & Resolutions! Make 2019 the best year yet!

Yesterday on the news there was an article about Saturday the 12th being “Quit Day!”.  I couldn’t believe it, being a news article. 

The discussion revolved around the idea that the 12th is unofficial day that many people “Quit” working on and abandon their New Year goals and resolutions.  — WOW!

I write about the importance of goal setting and maintenance for the entire year.

Don’t give up:

Here are 5 tips to keep your goals moving for 2019:

  1. Make sure you have goals written down and easy to find.
  2. Look at your goals daily, create the habit – Look at them daily.
  3. Make time to work on your goals daily, even if you spend a few minutes. Just spending time to review them keeps you aware.
  4. If a goal seems too hard, revise it.  Look at smaller parts of each goal to work on, keep forward progress.
  5. Never give up — Find a way to stay accountable and you will see and feel results.

Make 2019 your best year yet!