Tough times! Interesting times!

I posted the following quote earlier today and have been thinking about how to expand on it.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do. ” – Sr. Robert Schuller

We like many people are cocooned in for the duration and end of the coronavirus.  Now is the time to reflect on the good in this world, stay calm and stay safe!  This is easy to say.  However, I have been around for a while.  I’ve seen and experienced many changes in the world.  Admittedly nothing like this, but things always come around.

My wife and I were out of country in Cancun Mexico when 9/11 happened.  Paradise – Right?  Wrong – we were stuck there several days, no planes flying, and we watched the developing news 24/7.  All of our time was consumed watching the events unfold.

From a personal and especially business perspective now is a critical time to stay in touch with your network.  Make sure all your contacts know you are around.  Make sure they know that when this situation stops, you will be ready to get on board and help restart and meet customer goals for the year.

I always have future projects that I intend to organize and update — someday.  (Contacting more new customers, staying in contact with current customers, and staying in touch with family and my extended family of friends, etc., etc.)

Take some time off now from the NEWS.  Prioritize some projects personal and business.  Get working and keep moving forward — you will see rewarding results.

Good Luck!  Stay Safe!