Keep Moving — A Book Title.

I read areally good book KEEP MOVINGwritten by Dick Van Dyke. He wrote this book at age 89 and is still moving very well, from what I see and hear.

The book provides tips and truths about aging. In the book he reveals a lot of truth about aging and the need to keep moving in physical and mental activity as we go through life.

I keep the book on my desk for review from time to time. I like the writeup on the book cover jacket – “Dick's optimistic outlook is an invigorating tonic for anyone who needs a reminder that life should be lived with enthusiasm, despite what the Calendar says.”

I believe an obvious conclusion is to get motivated and keep physical activity as a very important part of our life. He does. He exercises daily and reports that he dances often.

One item stuck with me when he discussed the importance of writing daily. Keep a notebook and lay out the next day's activities. Then once written down he can forget it, disengage and begin to dream. What a great philosophy!

Seems like the same for all of us at any age especially those of us in sales and selling. Get the next day, week, month and year written down with activity for success. Then go about dreaming and figuring out how to make this life we have even better.

Get yourself ready for 2019. Plan it. Make yourself accountable for the entire year.

Read KEEP MOVING ! I've linked ithere to easily find.

Make 2019 your best year yet!