What trait makes a good salesman; Ingenuity, Persistence, Never stopping?

Some years ago, I had possibly the best Receptionist/Gatekeeper in business; she understood and could stop nonessential salespeople from getting through. One day our Receptionist/Gatekeeper brought me a package. It had been hand-delivered.

In the package was a T-Shirt from my alma mater — — Indiana Institute of Technology, and a note from the salesman requesting an appointment and comment that he hoped I appreciated his effort to get my school T-shirt. He said he would call in a few days.

I graduated from IIT in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, the idea that this salesman had gone to the trouble to get me the shirt was unique, and I liked his style.

At that time, I instructed our receptionist/gatekeeper that I was impressed by this salesperson and would take the call. After researching his company, I was pretty sure I would not need his services.

However, I would listen to him and then, if possible, direct him to a referral.

He never called!

I thought this salesman had ingenuity, the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.

How many times have you had seemingly good salespeople not follow up? Good selling or bad selling?