What makes a good salesperson?

I believe there are 7 traits of a good salesperson:

1. They have a sense of learning about and caring for the customer. They help the customer decide if their product solves a problem or makes their life and company better. They demonstrate why the customer should believe in them and, in turn, buy from them. Many salespeople care only about the sale.

2. They have good listening skills. Most of us wait during a conversation to tell our next story and do not listen to the person speaking. A good salesperson listens and tries to determine the real need of the customer.

3. They are persistent and keep coming back. Too often, salespeople are one-and-done; they make one call on a prospect and never come back.

4. Above all they are honest. If their product doesn’t fit the customer, they acknowledge it and stop selling that customer. But good salespeople always ask for a referral.

5. They are confident in the product they are selling. There is no quicker way to lose a sale than not being very confident and comfortable with the product or the company the salesperson is working for.

6. Good salespeople are diligent and focused on their profession. They perform the daily behaviors that will produce results. They never waiver from the goals to find more customers and sell more products.

7. Today customers can find out about a product through an internet search. I believe salespeople must provide more insight into total market conditions around them and the customer than in the past. They need to be aware of current events and conditions and know the impact of today’s environment. They bring a more holistic view to the customer.

Finding and being a good salesperson is sometimes hard to do. A good salesperson understands and assists customers.

What are your thoughts to add or maybe even subtract from this list?

What trait makes a good salesman; Ingenuity, Persistence, Never stopping?

Some years ago, I had possibly the best Receptionist/Gatekeeper in business; she understood and could stop nonessential salespeople from getting through. One day our Receptionist/Gatekeeper brought me a package. It had been hand-delivered.

In the package was a T-Shirt from my alma mater — — Indiana Institute of Technology, and a note from the salesman requesting an appointment and comment that he hoped I appreciated his effort to get my school T-shirt. He said he would call in a few days.

I graduated from IIT in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, the idea that this salesman had gone to the trouble to get me the shirt was unique, and I liked his style.

At that time, I instructed our receptionist/gatekeeper that I was impressed by this salesperson and would take the call. After researching his company, I was pretty sure I would not need his services.

However, I would listen to him and then, if possible, direct him to a referral.

He never called!

I thought this salesman had ingenuity, the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.

How many times have you had seemingly good salespeople not follow up? Good selling or bad selling?