10,000 hours – to master a particular field? Yes! or No!

After 35+ years in business operations and sales and I feel qualified. Not sure I would walk around proclaiming mastery of business or sales. Over the many years I feel very confident I am pretty good at business operations and sales.

As a continuous learner I have read about and have several questions about the concept of “10,000 hours to mastery of a field”.

In addition to business and sales, I have been learning and practicing a musical instrument, the banjo, for many years. I have tracked my hours of learning, and I have just over 2,200 hours logged.

This year I have also started re-learning guitar from my high school days. I have never been a good player of either instrument and certainly wouldn't play in front of anyone.

Two years ago I stepped out and went to a coaching class with other people like me. My progress has really accelerated and I now play for others and even have put some you tube videos out.

I am thinking about and exploring the 10,000 hour theory. I have to admit that in business, sales and even a musical instrument, practice quality not just total hours seems to have a very large impact on moving ahead. — So, what constitutes mastery.

I can't believe I will have mastery at the 10,000 hour time frame, just because I put in the hours. There must be a measurement of quality of learning.

As a continuous learner, I see many new books, theories and concepts coming out daily, especially on the internet. Is mastery an accomplished goal or an on-going process of self-improvement.

I'd like to think, pursue and write on this further.

Feedback and comment welcome!