Sales – Is your entire week planned for contacts and gaining new business?

I write and talk about weekly, monthly and yearly goals and performance for salespeople.

In my career I have had opportunity to build a point system that if followed, allows a salesperson in the Aerospace industry to create a sales year of $3,000,000. After mastering this point system a salesperson can then go on to predict and sell to a higher level and build a larger income.

This point system works for one week as follows (Assuming 230 working days 46 working weeks):

1.    Face-to-face meeting contacts completed – 5 x 6 points = 30 points

2.    Telephone contacts (Meaningful actual contacts) – 50 x 2 points = 100 points

3.    Other contact, Email, letter/brochure, other social media – 30 x 1 point = 30 points 

Total for the week = 160 points; If executed weekly Minimum 7,500 points for the year. I’ve proven over and over, success with continuous execution of daily, weekly and yearly points – No Excuses!

There have been many salespeople that thought they could perform to this system and failed miserably. Others that once understanding the system combined with really good sales training went on to sell well above $3,000,000.

Think about this and see if it makes sense for you.

I will be expanding this over the next few weeks.

Have you ever completely Hacked off your customers and didn’t even know it.

What is one of the worst things you can do to a customer — Cause opportunity for an RMA – Returned Material Authorization — something is wrong and the customer is not happy!

An RMA is the Black Mark of Black Marks.

I started my career of customer service in the world of RMA and Warranty.

It is quite possibly the worst and most frustrating thing you can do to a customer.

  1. The product was bought to use not send back.
  2. On-time, instant gratification, great product —Gone!
  3. There is a tremendous need for a system, procedures, and people to handle the returns.  (I wrote complete procedures with cost to handle.)
  4. Both Sides are MAD – Customer returning product and the supplier trying to handle the non-routine work.

From experience of owning my own company, I have witnessed the process of people in the organization knowingly shipping product, “under my watch”, that was bad, to make the numbers.  When I discovered this several people were immediately removed from my organization. 


As I stopped and reflected on what happened, I decided I was probably part or all of the cause.  I summoned all managers and as a group we decided this needed correction.  Most likely another moment of getting the Lean Journey started and not really being aware of it.

The underlying cause was bad operating systems.  We did not have good repeatable processes to ship flawless material.  So began the journey.

We did get better and improved.  That year we began a real “Lean Journey”.  I was amazed at the rate we lowered RMA’s at our company!

Think about the impact of RMA’s on your business. 

Have a great year!

Selling is a continuum of numbers!

A continuum of numbers make the game of sales work!  Do you know your numbers?

Last year, several salespeople from different companies asked that I start an accountability group. We met Fridays, 5 to 6 people per call. Great learning for all and they are on the way to understanding and managing a continuous sales process.

Just finding salespeople that want help in learning and being accountable is refreshing.  Also, learning that companies don’t have sales training or don’t understand and teach a sales process is too bad, actually sad.

So — To have a group of salespeople requesting an accountability group is great. As I explained, this is a tough profession — but — can be very rewarding.

When I sold my company, I was criticized by the new owners for high turnover in the sales force. I explained that selling is the easiest job to look at and see if results are happening.  I provided continuing sales training. Sales training is not a onetime event it is truly a continuous process. Even today, I attend training and read new books on selling.

My challenge as facilitator, has been to teach and help these people learn, and that once you have a working set of numbers to define your particular sales process — sales potential is unlimited!

We look at numbers every week and discuss the selling process. Each person has up to 5 minutes or less to tell us about the week, lessons learned, victories and defeats.  The people not doing their numbers and making excuses are called out by the others.  Bottom line for this group is — are the numbers being completed or not. 

All realize that if Face-to-Face meetings, calls and follow-up are completed properly, sales will result.

Have a great week!