Ready for the NEW YEAR 2021?

2021 is on the way!  Make this your best year yet! 

If you haven’t already started, make time to think about and write goals and expectations for the following:

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Financial
  3. Health
  4. Faith

Remember goals will require some time to set up and a lot of mundane work and daily must do behaviors. 

Most will be easy to do and as the great business philosopher Jim Rohn has said “Most daily goals and behaviors are easy not to do”. 

Put the written goals in a place to review them often, preferably daily.

Look at the list this time next year — What a difference 365 days will make.

2021 here we come!  Stay safe and happy holidays!  

1 sales year has 230, 8-hour days!

In selling, this is the time of the year to think about and work on plans for next year.  My sales cycle is pretty much 70 – 90 days we have only a few days left in the year.  I have already been selling into 1st quarter 2021!

Make time to review this year and look at next year.  Look at the sales metrics you completed and look at what you want next year to look like.  Many of us by putting in more work, can increase salary and make q much better paycheck.

Here is some food for thought on selling:

We all know there are 365 days in the year except leap year with one added day.

Look at these numbers as a starter for a basic sales year:

365 days available

Less 104 weekend days

Less 10 holidays

Less 10 vacation days

Less 11 Misc./Sick/Personal/etc. days

Leaves 230 days available to sell!

Think about these numbers in two ways.  First this is the minimum amount of time you have available to make sales.  Second, if really committed to a great sales year 2021, how can you manage and expand your sales time.

Get some time between now and the new year 2021 to set a plan and go! – “Really knock it out of the park!”

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Look at the past, look at now and look forward!

As business people and especially sales people, I believe that we need stop and reflect where we have been, where we are now and where we are going from time to time.

As we complete fourth quarter of 2020.  Start planning some time dedicated to reflection and goal setting.

Following is a starter list of reflection points for being a good salesperson. 

Go through each and get a list ready for looking at your sales potential and goals for 2020 fourth quarter and begin goals setting for 2021:

  1. Identify and stick to your buyer personas
  2. Use a measurable, repeatable sales process
  3. Know your product
  4. Review your pipeline objectively
  5. Find shortcuts and hacks
  6. Practice active listening
  7. Work hard
  8. Follow up
  9. Personalize your message
  10. Shadow your peers
  11. Practice your people skills
  12. Be a team player
  13. Know when to walk away
  14. Be honest
  15. Always solve for the customer
  16. Roll with rejection
  17. Always ask for referrals
  18. Stay Balanced
  19. Take breaks
  20. Get 8 or more hours of sleep
  21. Believe in what you’re selling
  22. Identify your strongest motivator
  23. View your customer’s success as your own
  24. Build personal relationships
  25. Prepare ahead of time
  26. Look for potential customers wherever you go

Let me know your thoughts and other ideas. 

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1 Year sales planning – 2021!

In sales and selling if your selling cycle is 60, 90, or more days; your year is pretty much complete! We have 74 days left in the year – WOW! So, when should we be selling into next year? NOW!

Have you ever thought of setting up a full one-year sales plan? 

I have been working on this for many years. Mostly, it’s easy to set a daily, weekly, and even a monthly plan. However, it seems a daunting task and almost impossible to vision for 12 months. 

I can see the entire year and I have worked with several good salespeople that can see value in continuously planning out the next 12 months. They have a rolling 12-month plan. 

Today start working on your 12 months of 2021. If this is put together and the entire year is planned out, then it becomes easy to start building a continuous 12-month rolling plan. 

I know that if I set up daily weekly and monthly contacts totaling 4,100 for the year, I will likely have success in meeting my sales goal. 

See the numbers: Meetings face-to-face or zoom 200/Year, Telephone contacts 2,400 / year, other contacts (Snail mail, e-mail, text, etc.) 1,500 / year for total contacts for the year of 4,100.

Owning my last company, aerospace manufacturing, I taught and required salespeople to use this contact system for sales-tracking. Also, I provided and required ongoing sales training. Salespeople that “Got it” were extremely successful.

Get ready to set up the year 2021 with 340+ contacts per month, and watch sales increase. 

Let me know your thoughts. 

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