Negotiating the sale!

What happens when a negotiation stale mates?   What happens when there is no room for further discussion or room to negotiate?

Recently I entered a negotiation on the sale of my house.  An aggressive buyer came in and wanted the house.  From the real estate agents, we found out that the family was really in love with the house and wanted it.  Also, we found out that the buyer considered himself a hard negotiator and he would get us to take his price.

Negotiating began and we went back and forth through the real estate agents several times.  We were within 3.5% of completing the sale.  The buyer threw the gauntlet.  He decided that if I did not take his final offer he would walk. 

We let him walk.  My wife and I decided to leave the house on the market and see if we could get our price.

We felt bad for the family.  They really wanted the house.  The buyer had boxed himself in with no wiggle room. 

We sold the house soon after to a family that also really liked and wanted the house.  We ended up +% over our asking price.

I always try and remember that in negotiating the sale, try and have wiggle room but also try and figure out whom you are negotiating with and what are they willing to do.  This is easy to say and hard to do.  In this case and in many other sales negotiations all I had to do was know my wants and desires and listen for the other side.  Without listening I may have taken the deal!  Sure, glad I didn’t.

Here are 7 Techniques to think about for negotiating:

  1. Price is not everything.
  2. Develop a walk-away number.
  3. Build several strategic concessions.
  4. Try and know whom you are negotiating with.
  5. Do homework before entering the negotiation.
  6. Begin by making the first offer.
  7. Remember it’s OK to walk away.

You only have 6 seconds to make a strong first impression!

When calling a new prospect, or anybody for that matter, you only have a few seconds to connect and stay on the call.

Tell them your name. Ask if they can talk for a short time. Tell them why you are calling.

When telling why you are calling — Try and make your “Why” so that they want to listen more. This is tricky and will take practice.

I always try and find out if they use or have need of my type products. If they do not, I usually ask if they know someone who does. This asking for a referral so early in the process, especially if you know you are not getting anywhere with this person is hard. However, I have found that if I make 25 calls and all are not good, but I get one name, I am one more potential person closer to a sale.

Get started doing this, practice, practice, practice and you will find your courage building. Many people know you are looking for business and many will be kind enough to help your success.

Does your Salesforce demonstrate daily consistent behaviors for sales success?

Daily behaviors completed and measured get results!

I have utilized and required salespeople to use a tracking system consisting of 7,500 points per year. I know that if a salesperson does the behaviors consistent with Prospecting, Telephone, Email, and Face-to-Face customer contact at a rate of about 33 points on average for 230 working days per year, can bring in $3,000,000+ in sales bookings for the company. It is a proven process. It works. A lot of salespeople get little or no training in selling behaviors. 

I’ve met, hired, and fired salespeople who are afraid of the accountability a system creates.  Couple a good behavioral system with consistent on-going training and sales happen. 

POWERFUL STUFF! #behaviors #habits #success