4 Characteristics of Sales Reps who meet and exceed their goals:

  1. They set activity-based goals –

Setting results-based goals can be dangerous.  You can’t directly control the outcome of your work.  If you want 6 face-to-face meetings per week you may not make it.  People may be out of office or too busy and you miss your goal.  Instead, look at your historical data and decide how many calls you need make to book 6 meetings.  If it usually takes 35 emails and 20 telephone calls to make 6 appointments try increasing or doubling that.  Keep doing activities that work.

  • They share their goals with others –

Reps who make their goals, share their goals.  By telling and sharing with others there is an accountability factor created.  Your peers will know what your plans are and will be curious if you pulled through.  Also, writing goals and posting them for yourself and others to see helps drive vision and completion.

  • They choose small, specific, short term goals –

The larger the goal, which may seem insurmountable, the more likely reps will fall off and not achieve.  Pick goals that are small, specific and short term.  You feel energized as you meet and complete goals.  Then start setting harder ones.

  • They walk away from dead deals early –

Walking away from dead deals early is hard and requires discipline.  I have found that few reps have the strength to do it.  However, by walking away you have more time and a better chance of working on deals more likely to close.  Many times we make an emotional connection with a deal and that can become dangerous, and not allow the rep to walk away.  The longer a bad deal is worked, the harder it is to walk away.

Good selling!

Make 2019 your best year yet!

Tough times! — Remember, “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” -Lucille Ball

Here are some good pointers to remember — Especially when Tough Times happen:

1. Everything can – and will – change.

2. You’ve overcome challenges before.

3. It’s a learning experience.

4. Not getting what you want can be a blessing.

5. Allow yourself to have some fun.

6. Being kind to yourself is the best medicine.

7. Other people’s negativity isn’t worth worrying about.

8. And there is always, always, always, something to be grateful for.

Get readyfor 2019!  Christmas and New Year are coming — I’m grateful!

Make 2019 your best year yet!

Sales Tracking – Daily, Monthly, Yearly

Sales is one of the easiest jobs to measure and hold people accountable. 

One problem I hear and see, is that companies don’t measure sales peoples behaviors. I don’t understand this. They treat sales as some “magical” process that will happen because they gave someone the title of sales person.

Recently, I met a sales person requesting help in tracking his sales performance and work. He wanted to do certain things, prospecting calls per day, face-to-face meetings per week, dollars quoted, and accountability for sales booked. He wanted help in understanding how to build a sales process.

Next month I am starting a sales accountability and tracking program, a great lead-in for starting a new year. If you would like to join and get free Monthly sales trackers opt in to Free Sales Tracker.

If you really want to excel in sales and don’t have an accountability group within you company, find some like-minded people and meet weekly to see how your behaviors are working or not.

Last week I talked about goal setting and a program I am looking at – go to Goal Setting.

Make 2018 your best year yet!

Third quarter — Are you making your sales or ready to make excuses?


Third quarter makes or breaks sales success. You as a sales person need to have the pipeline going with plenty of upcoming opportunities working. Many sales people have lead times of 9 to 15 weeks. If you aren’t booking orders this quarter you won’t be able to fill the last quarter of the year — Then out come the excuses.

Obviously if you haven’t completed booking all orders for the year by end of this quarter or early into next quarter sales for the year can’t happen.  Management questions of performance will begin.  What is happening?  Where are the sales?

The problem with sales that bothers me most follows:

I’ve read that more than 1/2 sales people do not have the right skills to be successful. Not because of lack of talent, but the inability of organizations to provide specific tools and training for sales success. Many companies do not have a defined sales process. Many companies don’t have a process to share best practices.  Sales managers don’t coach sales people. There is often no tracking system. 

With this being true, sales people have no choice but to become excuse making machines. 

Having defined processes based on success are imperative. Over the years from personal experience and really good sales training I have developed a program for sales success. Several sales people from other selling areas have taken this system and developed and adapted it to their specific situation and have attained really great selling success.

Let me know thoughts and/or if you want more information.

Make 2017 your best year yet?

Sales, Selling — Follow-up?

Ask a sales person –

“When is the best time to follow-up with XYZ customer?”

“When is the best time to follow-up on a recent quote?

“When is the best time to follow-up on “Blah, Blah, Blah?”


All too often we hear, It’s too early, or I am not sure now is the right time, or I don’t want to bug the Buyer/Customer/Etc.


Have you ever taken the time to think about “Follow-Up” in selling?

Some sales people follow-up too often and disturb/disrupt the potential customer.  It is estimated that you need 7 contacts with potential clients/customers before a transaction happens.

I am self-taught in selling and when I found a really good system I latched on to it.  I have been using the Sandler Selling system for over ten years. (I would be happy to provide my contacts to anyone interested.)

A great technique that I learned and use is the Sandler Technique of using an Up-Front Contract with potential customers.


Simply ask the prospect/Client for the next time contact would be appropriate.  Set an exact date and time if possible or get at least a time frame for contact — Then do what was agreed upon!

Too many times I have had sales people working for me or trying to sell to me stop — after the very first call.


Never get caught in this trap —

It’s too soon to call — Now it’s too late the order was let to someone else.