Now is the time to think, plan, act, and do – business growth!

We are certainly in some interesting times.  Your sales may be and are probably down.  You may be laying off employees or you may have been laid off.  You may be figuring out how to work effectively from home, etc., etc.  I hope for the best for us all. 

Now is the time to Think, Plan, Act and Do.  Make time to see where you were in the economy, where you are now and where will you position yourself for the future.

The following two lists, not totally all-inclusive, present the Symptomatic mindset of how bad it is and the symptomatic mindset of staying the course and making things happen.  Where are you?

Do you have the following thoughts or symptoms for your current state of affairs? 

  1. Do you blame the economy?
  2. Do you have a well defined marketing plan?
  3. Did you experience fluctuations in sales even before this economic situation?
  4. Do you know who your top customers are?
  5. Do you regularly communicate with customers?
  6. Are you looking for and introducing new products and regularly?
  7. Are you actively pursuing referral program?

Salespeople and companies thriving and surviving are doing the following:

  1. Looking for new markets to expand their product line.
  2. Reviewing changing as needed and updating marketing plans all the time.
  3. Building customer loyalty through good on-time consistent service.
  4. Forming strategic alliances with other companies and competitors.
  5. Know their customers and have regular communications with them.
  6. Communicate and work on a referral network all the time.

Get going and make the remainder of this year go really well. 

There always have been big ups and big downs and there will be more to come. 

Where do you plan to be when this economy turns the other way?

Good Luck!

Happy fathers day! I hope you all have a good one!

I hope all Dads and non-Dads have a great day!  It’s not necessary to recount our pandemic disruption.  However, having us all recognize a good holiday FATHER’S DAY has to be uplifting.

My kids and grandkids have been checking in all morning. 

The DFW area is having some much-needed rain.  We still look forward to a great outdoor dinner later this afternoon.

I received my worst joke of the day:  “Why don't you see elephants hiding in trees? Because they're very good at it.”

And here is a quote for the day: “My father didn't do anything unusual. He only did what dads are supposed to do—be there. ” – Max Lucado

Happy Father’s Day!